Pastarom Company with its professional staff and innovations always aims to meet the best products with its customers and brings together world’s most favoured leader brands with the Turkish Food Sector. Pastarom has proven its difference with its innovative vision in this sector.

Since its establishment, Pastarom has been given utmost importance to the food safety and human health requirements as a Company principle and it has a quite wide range of products produced by worldwide leader brands that are preferred both by the professionals and the consumers in a global scale.

In addition to its large product range, Pastarom also adopts as a principle of training mission which is necessary for better developing of the indispensable tastes it has. Through the teams of worldwide brands as being the business partners of the company and through its own chefs; Pastarom transfers the innovations and developments obtained in Europe to its own customer portfolio and enable the people living in Turkey to meet and introduce with brand new tastes.

Pastarom with its disseminated logistics network and distribution organization is reaching all the brands it represents in Turkey to each and every corner throughout the country today. Company has a pretty large customer portfolio from the distributors to housewives who are also the end-users by virtue of the distribution channels established by it. Today, prominent hotels, restaurants, cafés, patisseries and ice cream shops of Turkey are using worldwide recognized and proven quality products of Pastarom.

For the ones who are looking for inalienable tastes and who follows-up the taste trends of world, Pastarom will always be the best solution partner with its best- quality and innovative products.