Human Resources


Our employee profile is composed of highly motivated individuals who are specialized in their own fields. They are dynamic, well educated, success oriented , open to the new knowledge and experiences.

We consider all our employees as our most important assets, driving the power and performance of the company in the highly-competitive environment. Our Human Resources Policy is on one side to manage all Human Resources processes as per the Company’s strategies and on the other side to develop the professional skills of our highly-qualified employees, by following the new processes and innovations in their subjects and for their abilities.

Our recruitment process is carried out through the job applications made to our website, to our open position advertisements through the Internet portals and through the professional HR Companies.

Candidate pools are created from the applications received for vacant positions and after the evaluations made in respect of the position requirements, the candidates are invited for an interview. After the evaluation process and the reference check; the recruitment process ends with a job offer proposed to the eligible candidate. The candidates that are not offered with employment proposition are informed duly and their CVs are stored in the Candidates Database for any other applicable vacant positions in future.

Performance Management
Target-Based Performance Management System is implemented. Specific, measurable, achievable, result oriented and time bound job targets, parallel to the Company’s yearly targets are given to the employees by their managers every year. The assessments are carried out via face to face interviews made with the personnel according to the open performance system. The evolution is made through a portal and also face to face at the end of each year. The performance results are base for the yearly salary increases, training needs of the employees, career planning and promotion system.

Career Planning
It is one of our top priorities to ensure that our employees at any stage and level who are continuously achieving their targets, improving their competencies, preparing themselves for the responsibilities of the higher positions, and willing to assume responsibility, are evaluated in the most efficient manner. These individuals are allowed to develop themselves and their career planning is made accordingly.

Training is one of the most important Human Resources processes. An annual training plan is prepared for the job related group trainings and for the personal skill development trainings.

These trainings are both in-house and trainings provided by professional training Companies.
, as per our employees’ needs.